Traditional musical instruments of West Java

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A. Kendang
Sundanese drums or percussion language. If we know Java drums or other percussion usually only one tool. Terdirindonesia Sundanese drums drum is one of the main instruments memainkanya musical instrument was the drum will not move-pindah.tradisional the category i of 3 drums is a large drum and two other small or called kulantir. In the game, there are a set of drums is tied with ropes made from cow, goat, or buffalo. So in

B. kulanter
The shape and material such as drums, only smaller size. pengiringkendang function as before.



Made of copper were painted golden. on its use and on the belt hung on a wooden pole. on pembuataannya gong tones do not yet have the right tone.


Resembling gong, only smaller in size and lighter voice. generally consists of five gongs that hung in one timber.

E. Kecapi

Lute is a stringed musical instrument originating from West Java. Organological form lute is a wooden box lined thereon strings / strings, wooden boxes are useful as a resonator. Musical instrument that resembles a lute is siter of central Java.

F. flute

Who does not know ,,, seua distilled surely know. terbuuat of hollowed bamboo. consists of 4 ataulubang.berfungsi as melody.

G. Rebab

Fiddle consists of strings that swiped. played by swiped and while sitting. bentuknyaseperti mast or the bow. fungsina as melody


Gamelan is a musical instrument made of metal. Gamelan comes from the region of Central Java, IN. Yogyakarta, East Java, also in West Java commonly referred to Degung and in Bali (Balinese Gamelan). One set of gamelan consists of instruments saron, demung, gong, kenong, slenthem, bonang and several other instruments. Gamelan orchestra


Made of bamboo and formed sedemkian as to give rise to a distinctive sound. how to ring it in a way vibrated. masing2 have berbeda2 tone appropriate size.

J. karinding

Karinding is Sundanese traditional musical instrument. Karinding comes from several places in West Java as of Citamiang, Pasir Mukti, Tasikmalaya, Malangbong (Garut) and Cikalong Kulon (Cianjur). The area was usually a traditional musical instrument made from the stem kawung karinding (palm tree), while in some places like in Limbangan and Cililin, most karinding musical instrument made of bamboo.

K. calung

Calung is tardisional musical instrument from West Java similar to the angklung. Rang calung way is to hit.

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