Traditional Musical Instruments Jakarta

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Betawi tribe is a tribe despite the mixed blood who have lived in the city of Jakarta, the tribe that frames the city. Included in the original musical instrument Jakarta, people will definitely respond with Betawi native musical instruments.

Traditional musical instruments belonging to the Betawi itself is very much the opposite. Call it xylophone, kromong, Tehyan, gong, kempul, drums, and other musical instruments with a strong Europe that is the tuba, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Drum itself consists of three types, namely bass drum, tenor drum, and the drum strings.


An instrument at the wooden planks were 18 twelve blades, octave (gembyang) are repeated, from a low tone to the high tone, approximately 3 ½ octaves (gembyang). Variety wasp xylophone there are two (2) types, namely:

a. Dilagu (according to the song)
b. Dicaruk (dikotek)

 Kromong (Bonang)

Is the percussions of metal, shaped like the bonang Java, consisting of ten pieces pencon the tone composition as follows:

          6 5 3 2 1
          2 3 1 5 6

Variety wasp kromong there are 3 kinds, namely:

1. dilagu (according to the song)
2. Dikemprang (digembyang)
3. Dicaruk (blended / dikotek)

 Kecrek (Pan)
In the form of two or four pieces of thin metal discs are attached to the frame. Used beater made of wood, will produce sounds Crek-Crek-Crek.


A stringed instrument, in the Betawi community known as "Chinese fiddle", the big size is called su kong, in accordance with the barrel strings-strings, which mimic the tone and tone kong su. Fiddle with a medium size called hoo lunch (Tehyan), because the strings-strings tuned according hoo tone and the tone of the afternoon. Most small fiddle called a hian kong, in accordance with the barrel mimic the sound of Chinese tones. Fiddle which has a size slightly larger than a hian kong, is named tee hian, which is similar to the barrel of the barrel kong a hian.

Gendang, also called the drums are percussion instruments (percussion) made of a hollow cylindrical timber and bloating in the middle. Padalubang on both sides covered with skin that is not equal. Drum serves as a regulatory instrument rhythm ahead of the game.


Ningnong the percussion instruments in the form of two metal plates berpencu, diameter K.1. 10 cm, placed on a wooden frame bertangkati one, beaten with an iron rod and small, to function as a regulator of the rhythm instrument.

How to beat this Ningnong kemanak similar to the Javanese gamelan. Only difference, in kemanak technique known as "pitet" (tangkep) while in Ningnong not use the technique of "pitet".


Kempul is berpencu percussion instruments, shaped like a gong in a smaller size and function as modifiers rhythm of the melody, the tone of the following composition

3 1 6
2 1 5


Gong is a musical instrument at berpencu large, made of iron, brass or bronze. Functioning as a determinant of basic rhythms, played with a beater circular rather soft. Gong usually hanged.
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