Traditional Musical Instruments of Lampung

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Lampung Province storing a variety of natural and cultural richness. In addition to custom homes, dances and there are also other traditions, Lampung province which has the motto the Earth Ruwai Jurai also has a traditional musical instrument of Lampung province we need to know and once preserved.

For the music business, in Lampung Province who has a wealth of filter fabric has evolved types of modern and traditional music. For modern music, of course, has adopted a global music culture as we know it. And for traditional music, in Lampung has grown stringed musical arts that diiringin by acoustic guitar. But besides these two instruments, there are still some instrument / instruments of Lampung that we should all know:

1. Gamolan

Gamolan is a musical instrument resembling a gamelan. Gamolan musical instruments from Lampung Province is a musical instrument made of bamboo and played by being hit.
Lampung is estimated that a typical musical instrument has been played since ancient Lampung people the 4th century BC, but until now many Lampung people who do not know of the wealth of this traditional instrument.

An Australian researchers interested in studying this gamolan musical instruments. According to this gamolan musical instruments already exist and are older than the gamelan. This was proved by the discovery of the image gamolan on the reliefs of Borobudur.

Modern Gamolan which can be found in West Lampung and the Right Way, have a difference compared to the ancient gamolan. Ancient Gamolan has eight parallel bamboo slats above the bamboo round chunk of around arm adults. Eight bamboo slats each representing eight scales, namely the do re mi fa so la si do. Meanwhile, modern gamolan only have seven bamboo which represent the seven scales. One missing scales are tanga fa tone. Margaret said she has yet to understand the reason for removing scales fa.

2. Sedram

Sedram, a traditional wind instrument of Lampung Province made of bamboo and has a pentatonic melodies. Unlike the flute or flute, Sedram, generally produce basic tone G = do, consisting of 5 holes that produce rhythmic scales do, re, mi, sol, la, and the (1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7).
Lampung musical instrument made of bamboo which is round with a diameter of 1 cm + length + 25.5 cm. Peningkah hole diameter + 4 mm, the distance from the tip of the reed to the hole peningkah + 4 cm, while the distance between each hole peningkah + 2 cm. Distance the valve hole I and II + 1.5 cm valve while the valve to the blower distance I + 4 cm.

Sedram used together with other Lampung musical instrument, usually played by a son. How to play the tip of blowing holes and holes blown tone producer closed with fingers as we know it as a flute. As for the search for low or high tone is done by closing or opening the finger holes in the body along the Sedram.

3. Kompang / Khaddap

Kompang is a kind of traditional musical instruments are very well known among the Malay community in general. Almost similar to musical instruments tambourine, Kompang a traditional instrument from Lampung Province made of wood and goat skin. In some areas in Lampung, musical instruments Kompang also called Khaddap. The existence of this instrument is associated with the spread of Islam in Indonesia.

Kompang consists of various sizes. There along the center line measuring 22.5 cm, 25 cm, 27.5 cm and some are reaching 35 cm.

Kompang played in teams in sitting, standing or walking. If Kompang Mawlid al-Barzanjī played in the event, players will sit cross-legged or sit on a chair. If played in the wedding ceremony and parade welcoming local officials or state officials, players Kompang running accompany the bride or local authorities, or the state officials.

Kompang played with both hands. Kompang hand holding and hitting Kompang hand again. There are three tramp in the game Kompang, namely ordinary tramp, tramp kencet, and tramp recovered as much. Tramp tramp is commonly played usual. Kencet tramp tramp is in the middle of the blow, and then as if stopped immediately. While recovered as much tramp tramp played back on the first track.

4. Gambus

As well as Kopang musical instruments, musical instrument Gambus is a traditional musical instrument that spread has been associated with the spread of Islam in the archipelago. But in its development Lute instrument is used by Malay poetry, even equipped with other instruments.
While in Lampung province itself, an instrument known as the Gambus Lute Lunik or Children buha which is kind kordofon musical instrument played by plucking.

Similarly, some traditional musical instruments from Lampung, hopefully can remind us of the richness of Indonesian khsusunya Lampung province so that we will feel more proud to be Indonesian citizens.
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