4 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu

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4 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu - Bengkulu Province is located in the southwestern part of the island of Sumatra. In the north is bordered by West Sumatra, on the east by Jambi and South Sumatra, while in the south with Lampung.

Bengkulu has the traditional craft of batik Besurek, namely batik cloth decorated Arabic letters bald and recognized by the government of the Republic of Indonesia to be one part of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Indonesia and also enrich the culture in Indonesia. Culture Bengkulu have some different characteristics as influenced by different tribes namely South Bengkulu cultural / ethnic Serawai, culture Rejang and coastal culture. Tabot culture is a unique culture that combines local traditions with Shia Islam culturally.

For the music business, Bengkulu have some traditional art. The art of music is:

  • Geritan, the story while melodious.
  • Serambeak, which form patatah-proverb.
  • Andei-Andei, the literary arts in the form of advice.
  • Sambei, which is typical of vocal art Rejang tribes, usually for weddings

While traditional musical instruments in Bengkulu generally found in many other provinces. Maybe there are four traditional musical instruments of the Bengkulu to be written in this opportunity. Fourth of traditional musical instruments of the Bengkulu it is as follows:

1. Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu - "DOL"

4 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu
Ancient times, dol only played during the celebration Tabot, every 1-10 Muharram in order to commemorate the death of Imam Hasan and Imam Husein (grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.) In a battle in Karbala Padang. This ritual is always held every year because it is believed to avoid the difficulties and disease.

Dol drummer was not just anyone but tabot descent, ie citizens of Indian descent Bengkulu commonly called Sippai. Dol is introduced first by the Muslim community of India who came to Indonesia brought the British colonial government then build Fort Malborough. They later married the local people of Bengkulu and lineage known as tabot family. Until the 1970s, the music should be played dol only people who have a blood relationship with the tabot family.

Glance dol shaped like a drum. Half-oval shaped and decorated with colorful ornaments. Dol made of wood or the famous palm weevil lightweight yet strong or sometimes also made of jackfruit tree wood. Hollowed coconut tree stump and then covered leather uppers cow or goat skin. The diameter of the largest dol can reach 70-125 cm by 80 cm high and 5 cm in diameter bat tool and length 30 cm.

Played by being hit, there are three basic techniques play dol, namely: called Suwena, tamatam, and Suwari. Type blow to the atmosphere Suwena usually mourn the tempo slow blow; tamatam for a jovial mood, constant and fast rhythm; while Suwari is a blow for the long trip with one-on-one punch tempo. In staging dol, there are others who participated intsrumen accompany, as tassa (a type of tambourine hit with a cane), dol small, flute, and others.

2. Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu - "Tasa"

Traditional musical instruments of the Bengkulu next is Tasa. Tasa or seing also called Tasa drum shaped like a tambourine, made of copper, iron or aluminum plate, and also from the cauldron whose surface is closed degan goat skin that has been dried. This instrument is used in conjunction with Dol, for events held Tabot Bengkulu area.
4 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu

3. Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu - "Accordion"
Traditional musical instruments of the next bengkulu is Accordions. Accordion musical instrument made of wood, aluminum foil and iron rectangular. This traditional musical instruments found in the Rejang Lebong Pal VII in March 1998.

4. Traditional musical instruments of the Bengkulu - "Hermanium"
Traditional musical instruments Hermanium square shaped, mainly made of wood, metal, paper and plastic. In the body of traditional musical instruments of the Bengkulu this one decorated with floral ornaments. Hermanium musical instruments was found in March 1983 in the City Bengkulu.

Thus Buddy 4 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bengkulu, may be useful and do not forget to look for the traditional musical instruments of Indonesia.
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